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20/04/2015 - In Sickness and in Health -- Marleen Wynants (Crosstalks)

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People want to live longer and remain healthy. Through series of seminars, workshops and publications from 2005 to 2008, CROSSTALKS gave incentive to a more integrated and more efficient health care, starting from the challenges to accessible and safe medicine for everybody.

Health is not a matter of politics only, health care is. Through a continuing process of exchange, CROSSTALKS wants to generate a growth model with added value for all the stakeholders in health care. A crucial factor in this project is the open collaboration and knowledge exchange between academics, the corporate world, doctors, pharmacists, patients, sickness funds, social partners and politicians.

Marleen Wynants is an independent publicist with a master in Germanic Languages and in Audio-visual Communication Media from KULeuven. She started working as a music producer and content researcher for the official Belgian Radio and Television in its pre-commercial stage. Since 1984 she has written articles and columns for the major media groups and magazines in Belgium, focusing on ICT, art and science. At present she is the director of CROSSTALKS, the university and industry network of Vrije Universiteit Brussel –



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